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CRIMINON INDONESIA Recidivism Rate of Criminon Graduates is 1.25%. Of 300 Criminon graduates released, only 4 returned to prison. The success rate is 98.5%.
Indonesia has 365 prisons and after reviewing the success of the Criminon program in 6 of these, the Ministry of Justice has requested Criminon Indonesia’s cooperation in devising a roll out plan that will eventually bring the program to all of its prisons.

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What do we need to rehab New Zealand. Improved Education, Drug Rehab, Criminal Rehab, Values Education. Are the existing systems doing the job they are being paid to do. If they were things would be improving not getting worse. This site contains some tools and information that have been proven to work when applied. To find out if they work for you one has to be able to look at the tools. Then step by step you can decide for yourself. If what you are using at present is not working then it is time to look for another solution. I invite you to browse through the site and look at some of the information presented. Treat this site like an introduction to the Association For Better Living And Education [A.B.L.E] New Updated Web Site [ A.B.L.E Brochure ] and its many affiliated organizations and Services

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It all started on the 15th of July 2004 as 400 top teachers in Ethiopia convened in Addis Ababa for a
two week seminar on LRH© Study Technology organized by the Ministry of Education of Ethiopia

Narconon Nepal Rehabilitation Center blankets country with Drug Education
Kathmandus Narconon® rehabilitation center produces drug-free lives, but they have
also reached out to over seven million people through TV, radio and newspapers.


The Delphi campuses are entirely drug and violence free

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Issac Hayes: Handling Illiteracy and Drug Education on a Country Wide Scale
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Learning How To Learn Book #1 Best Seller In Japan

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Of those on medication at program start, 82 percent no longer need medications following detoxification.

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